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English explanation about this website

Schuntersiedlung-online is an internet portal about Schuntersiedlung, a quarter of Braunschweig, a city with 240 000 inhabitants in the north of Germany. The historic English name for Braunschweig is 'Brunswick'. The name 'Schuntersiedlung' comes from the river Schunter, that is flowing alongside the quarter. 'Siedlung' means settlement or residential area.

This internet portal is not available in an english version exept this explanation page. If you are interested in Schuntersiedlung and you cannot read german, you can use the → Google translation tool. You may also contact me by e-mail: webmaster!Delete this text! I will try to answer your questions about Schuntersiedlung.

Links to english websites about Braunschweig

→ Official website of the city of Braunschweig

→ Wikipedia article about Braunschweig

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